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Great News for IMRD Members: The Institute has been Invited to join the International Marine Club!
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The Institute of Maritime Research and Discovery is a scientific/educational non-profit organization, founded to facilitate maritime and nautical studies by scholars and enthusiasts from a variety of disciplines. Rooted in archaeology, the Institute supports work as diversified as maritime archaeology, ethnography, and examinations of textual and artistic evidence relevant to nautical life and history.

In order to accomplish these goals IMRD will serve as a fiscal sponsor for its research associates and provide networking, scholarships, grants, and equipment when possible (as approved by the Board).

Another of the Institute's goals is to facilitate efforts to capture the attention of both academics and the community at large. So, please pardon our progress on this Web site, we aim to make it comprehensive and interactive. Keep a weather eye out on our Web page as all IMRD research is posted here!

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