Pearce Paul Creasman, Ph.D.

Laboratory of Tree-Ring Research
University of Arizona
1215 E. Lowell St., Tucson AZ 85721 USA
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Telephone: +1 520 621 2414

Curriculum Vita

Pearce Paul Creasman


Texas A&M University (College Station, Texas)

                       2010 (December) - Doctor of Philosophy, Anthropology/Nautical Archaeology
                          Chair: Dr. Filipe Vieira de Castro
                 Dissertation: Extracting Cultural Information from Ship Timber
                          (Click here for PDF file)
                       2008 - Graduate Certificate in Historic Preservation, College of Architecture
                       2007 - Graduate Certificate in Conservation Training, College of Liberal Arts

                       2005 (December) - Master of Arts, Anthropology
                 Thesis: The Cairo Dahshur Boats    (Click here for PDF file, 5.07 mb)

Texas A&M University, System

University of Maine (Orono, Maine) - September 2000 to May 2003

                       Bachelor of Arts, Anthropology and Philosophy.
                         Cum Laude;
Concentration in Classical Studies

Curriculum Vita (PDF)

Current Appointments:

         The University of Arizona, College of Science (Tucson, Arizona, USA)
                  Associate Professor, Laboratory of Tree-Ring Research, January 2016 - Present
Director, Egyptian Expedition, January 2012 - Present
                         Joint Appointments: Associate Professor, Department of Classics (2016-present); Associate Professor, School of Anthropology (2016-present); Associate Professor, Arid Lands Resource Sciences (2015-present)

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