The Pharonic Guard
Royal Priest

The Institute of Maritime Research and Discovery aims to support progressive research, excavations, and students via grants and scholarships. It is the contributions of IMRD's members that make these efforts possible. As such we have suggested tiers of membership, to recognize each individual member for taking part. Everyone is welcome to join IMRD and every bit helps.

Since IMRD's founders took a particular interest in ancient Egyptian nautical studies,we have reflected this in the classification of our donor levels in deference. Besides, where else can you be a Pharaoh?

All donors of the "Royal Priest" and higher levels to help direct where most of their contribution will be best applied. If you liking a particular project you can directly support its efforts by a simple request.

The IMRD has been approved as a 501(c)(3) Not-for-Profit Organization by the Internal Revinue Service. Donations are "tax-deductible, charitable contributions."

Giving Levels and Benefits

The Pharonic Guard: $25
- Subscription to IMRD's newsletter, Arcticon

$15 with current student ID, or petition (MS Word) for electronic access free of charge

Scribe: $75
- Professional 8x10in. framed print of your choice from IMRD's archives -
The Image Gallery
- Subscription to IMRD's publication Arcticon
Imhotep (Architect of the Pyramids): $150
- All Scribe benefits
- Additional 8x10in. framed print of your choice
- Discounted price on IMRD select publications
Royal Priest: $500
- All Imhotep benefits
- Exclusive IMRD Polo Shirt
- Pre-release access to IMRD publications
Nomarch (Regional Governor): $1000
- All Priest benefits
- IMRD Office Gift Set
- Autographed copy of IMRD publications*

Vizier: $2500
- All Nomarch benefits
- Color copy of IMRD's "Tour the World Scrapbook"
 (each Scrapbook tailored to your personal interests)
Pharaoh / Board of Directors: Please contact us directly.
- All previous benefits
- Guided visit by one of IMRD's Egyptologists to the Egyptian Museum, Cairo**
          (or other museum/site in a region where IMRD associates work).

All benfits are issued upon request. Please email us and your benfits will be sent immediately.
*Upon request- Author will be contacted for personalized inscriptions.
** Transportation and lodging at donor's expense. (IMRD will gladly assist in making these arrangements.)

To contact us for further details about supporting this or another project Email