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This page is dedicated to recognizing the people and organizations central to making this work possible:
Dr. Zahi Hawass - Chair, The Supreme Council on Antiquities, Egypt.
(image modified from
Dr. Wafaa El-Saddik - General Director, The Egyptian Museum, Cairo
(image from Al-Aharam online issue 685)
Mme. Salwah - Director, Middle Kingdom Artifacts, The Egyptian Museum
Mr. Magdy - Sub-Director, The Egyptian Museum, Cairo
Mme. Nariman - Sub-Director, The Egyptian Museum, Cairo
Waheed Edwar - Curator, The Egyptian Museum, Cairo
  Badr Ibraham - Advisor and Translator
  Joshua Daniel (Texas A&M)- Technical Support
The Supreme Council on Antiquities (Egypt)
The Egyptian Museum, Cairo
Insitute of Nautical Archaeology
The Institute of Nautical Archaeology
RPM Nautical Foundation
RPM Nautical Foundation
Institute of Maritime Research and Discovery
The Institute of Maritime Research and Discovery
The MSC L.T. Jordan Institute
The L.T. Jordan Institute for International Awareness (Texas A&M University)
The Glasscock Center for Humanities Research
The Melbern G. Glasscock Center for Humanities Studies (Texas A&M University)
 Texas A&M University
Texas A&M University (College Station)

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